New Power of Appeals Reports

Are your organization’s financial vital signs hard to take?

The increasing complexity of medical reimbursement means increasingly complex financial health analysis.

Power of Appeals software is the leader in denial management with its powerful database of 1600 compliance-focused appeal letters. Now, Power of Appeals provides additional financial analysis tools to allow users to achieve better management of a challenging financial variable: denied claims.

Denials hurt healthcare organizations. Dollars lost to denials must be calculated. Appeals must be tracked and overturned denials should be calculated as well. Power of Appeals makes it easy to analyze denials cause, appeal success and ongoing account disposition.

To make financials easier to review, Power of Appeals now features a Denials Dashboard with at-a-glance monitoring of Denials Aging and Denial Recovery. The Dashboard also allows you to quickly assess how your organization stands on Denials By Payer Group, Denials by Denial Type and Denials By Carrier.

Power of Appeals has also made a number of improvements to the Reporting and Analysis feature. A number of Standard Reports give you the most valuable denial management data. We have grouped the Standard Reports under the following Management Headings to give you a more complete picture of how the reports help you manage denials:

Day-to-Day Management Review
End-of-Month Performance Reports
User Performance Review
Payer Performance Review
Problem-Focuses Analysis

Keep in mind, Power of Appeals allows you to configure your own reports and retain new report formats under Memorized Reports. However, the Standard Reports display the information most frequently used in denial management and gives you quick access to important account information.

Day-to-Day Management Review
Priority Reports
Analysis By Claim Status with Aging Detail

End of Month Performance Review (AR, Recovery Reports)
Analysis By Account Status
Analysis By Payer Group
Recovery Report By Payer Group

User Performance Review (Employee Performance Review)
Analysis By User
Recovery Analysis By User With Aging Detail
Analysis By User – Priority Status – Review Write Off

Payer Performance Review
Recovery Report By Payer
Analysis by Payer
Denial Type By Payer

Problem-Focused Analysis

Analysis By Claim Status
Analysis By Denial Type
Account Review – High Balance
Account Review – Incorrect Contractual Denial Type
Account Review – Medical Necessity Denial Type
Recovery Report By Denial Type

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