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Welcome to the repository of over 1600 Medical Appeal Letters Templates.  This comprehensive collection of professionally-written and proven-effective medical appeal letters will give your organization an edge on appealing denied or underpaid claims by citing potentially applicable regulatory information that demands quality appeal reviews.  Select a Letter Category and Subcategory below to view and download letters.

Benefit Reductions
State Mandates
Alabama Disclosure Law   
Alabama HMO Provider Contract Law   
Alaska Disclosure Law   
Arizona Disclosure Law   
Arkansas Contract Leasing Disclosure   
Arkansas Disclosure Law   
California Contract Leasing Disclosure   
California Disclosure Law   
California Fee Disclosure Law   
California Incorrect Payment Law   
Colorado Disclosure Law   
Colorado Non-Participating Payment   
Connecticut Disclosure Law   
Connecticut Fee Disclosure Law   
Connecticut Physician Discount Disclosure Law   
Delaware Disclosure Law   
Delaware Multiple Surgical Procedures   
Florida Contract Leasing Disclosure   
Florida Disclosure Law   
Florida Downcoding Law   
Florida Non-Participating Payment   
Georgia Fee Disclosure Law   
Georgia Non-Participating Payment   
Georgia Outpatient Payment Law   
Hawaii Disclosure Law   
Idaho Disclosure Law   
Illinois Disclosure Law   
Illinois Non-Participating Payment   
Indiana Disclosure Law   
Indiana Non-Participating Payment   
Indiana Recoding Law   
Iowa Disclosure Law   
Kansas Disclosure Law   
Kentucky Discount Disclosure   
Kentucky Fee Disclosure Law   
Kentucky Payment Resolution Law   
Louisiana Disclosure Law   
Maine Disclosure Law   
Maine Provider Amendments Law   
Maryland Disclosure Law   
Maryland Non-Participating Payment   
Massachusetts Disclosure Law   
Massachusetts Non-Participating Payment   
Michigan Disclosure Law   
Minnesota Disclosure Law   
Minnesota Discount Disclosure   
Mississippi Disclosure Law   
Missouri Non-Participating Payment   
Montana Disclosure Law   
Montana Non-Participating Payment   
Nebraska Disclosure Law   
Nebraska Non-Participating Payment   
Nevada Non-Participating Payment   
New Hampshire Provider Contract Law   
New Jersey Disclosure Law   
New Jersey Downcoding Law   
New Jersey Non-Participating Payment   
New Mexico Non-Participating Payment   
New York Disclosure Law   
New York Non-Participating Emergency Care Reimbursement   
New York Non-participating Payment   
North Carolina Discount Disclosure   
North Carolina Incorrect PPO Payment   
North Carolina Non-Participating Payment   
North Dakota Disclosure Law   
North Dakota Unfair Reimbursement Law   
Ohio Contract Leasing Law   
Ohio Copayment Law   
Ohio Disclosure Law   
Ohio Fee Disclosure Law   
Ohio Non-Participating Payment   
Oklahoma Contract Leasing Law   
Oklahoma Disclosure Law   
Oregon Disclosure Law   
Pennsylvania Disclosure Law   
Rhode Island Disclosure Law   
South Carolina Disclosure Law   
South Dakota Non-Participating Payment   
Tennessee Contract Leasing Disclosure   
Tennessee Disclosure Law   
Texas Availability of Coding Guidelines   
Texas Contract Leasing Law   
Texas Disclosure Law   
Texas Incorrect HMO/PPO Payment   
Texas Non-Participating Payment   
Utah Disclosure Law   
Utah Non-Participating Payment Law   
Vermont Contract Leasing Law   
Virginia Disclosure Law   
Washington Disclosure Law   
West Virginia Disclosure Law   
Wisconsin Coding Law   
Wisconsin Non-Participating Payment   
Wyoming Disclosure Law   
UCR - New York Case Law   
Medical Necessity
Case Management Standards
ERISA Regulations
Lack of Precertification/Emergency
Alabama HMO Rules   
Alaska Preauthorization Law   
Arizona Emergency Coverage   
Arkansas Emergency Coverage   
Arkansas Preauthorization Law   
California Emergency Law   
California Preauthorization Law   
Colorado Emergency Coverage   
Connecticut Emergency Coverage   
Connecticut Preauthorization Law   
Delaware Emergency Coverage   
Florida Emergency Coverage   
Georgia Emergency Coverage   
Hawaii Access Law   
Idaho Managed Care Act   
Illinois Emergency Coverage   
Indiana Emergency Coverage   
Iowa Emergency Coverage   
Kansas Emergency Coverage Act   
Kansas HMO Emergency Coverage   
Kansas Preauthorization Law   
Kentucky Emergency Coverage   
Louisiana Emergency Law   
Maine Preauthorization Law   
Maryland Emergency Coverage   
Massachusetts Emergency Coverage   
Michigan Emergency Coverage   
Michigan HMO Act   
Minnesota Emergency Coverage   
Minnesota HMO Act   
Missouri Emergency Coverage   
Montana Emergency Coverage   
Nebraska Emergency Coverage   
Nevada Emergency Coverage   
New Hampshire Emergency Coverage   
New Jersey Emergency Authorization Requirements   
New Jersey Emergency Coverage   
New Mexico Emergency Authorization Requirements   
New Mexico Emergency Coverage   
New York Emergency Coverage   
North Carolina Emergency Coverage   
North Carolina Transplant Coverage   
North Dakota Emergency Coverage   
Ohio Emergency Coverage   
Oklahoma Managed Care Act   
Oregon Emergency Coverage   
Oregon Emergency Eye Care Coverage   
Pennsylvania Emergency Coverage   
Prudent Layperson Definition   
Request for Clinical Criteria for Emergency Care and Triage   
South Carolina Emergency Coverage   
South Dakota Emergency Coverage   
Tennessee Emergency Coverage   
Texas Emergency Coverage   
Texas HMO Act   
Utah Emergency Coverage   
Vermont Emergency Coverage   
Virginia HMO Act   
Washington Emergency Coverage   
Washington Preauthorization Law   
West Virginia Emergency Coverage   
Wisconsin Emergency Coverage   
Wyoming HMO Rules   
Lack of Referral
Alabama Direct Access - Eye Care   
Alabama Direct Access Law   
Alabama Standing Referral   
Alaska Direct Access - Chiropractic   
Arizona Access Plan   
Arizona Direct Access - Chiropractic   
Arizona Standing Referral Law   
Arkansas Direct Access - Ob/Gyn   
Arkansas Direct Access Law   
California Direct Access Law   
California Standing Referral Law   
Colorado Direct Access - Vision   
Colorado Direct Access Law   
Colorado Standing Referral Law   
Connecticut Direct Access - Ob-Gyn   
Delaware Direct Access Law   
Delaware Standing Referral Law   
Florida Direct Access - Ob-Gyn   
Florida Direct Access Law   
Florida Standing Referral Law   
Georgia Access Plan   
Georgia Direct Access Law   
Hawaii Access Plan   
Idaho Direct Access   
Illinois Direct Access Law   
Illinois Specialty Care   
Indiana Choice of Professional Law   
Indiana Direct Access Law   
Iowa Direct Access Law   
Kansas Access Plan   
Kansas Direct Access Law   
Louisiana Direct Access Law   
Maine Access Plan   
Maine Direct Access - Eye Care   
Maine Standing Referral Law   
Maryland Direct Access - Ob-Gyn   
Maryland Patient Bill of Rights   
Massachusetts Direct Access Law   
Michigan Direct Access - Pediatric   
Michigan Direct Access Law   
Minnesota Direct Access Law   
Minnesota Standing Referral Law   
Mississippi Direct Access Law   
Missouri Direct Access Law   
Missouri Standing Referral Law   
Montana Access Plan   
Montana Direct Access - Ob-Gyn   
Nebraska Access Plan   
Nevada Direct Access Law   
New Hampshire Direct Access - Chiropractic   
New Hampshire Direct Access Law   
New Hampshire Standing Referral Law   
New Mexico Direct Access Law   
New Mexico Standing Referral Law   
New York Direct Access - Ob-Gyn   
New York Direct Access Law   
New York Standing Referral Law   
North Carolina Direct Access - Ob-Gyn   
North Carolina Direct Access Law   
Ohio Access Plan   
Ohio Direct Access - Ob-Gyn   
Ohio Provider Access Law   
Oregon Direct Access Law   
Oregon Standing Referral Law   
Pennsylvania Direct Access Law   
Pennsylvania Standing Referral Law   
Rhode Island Direct Access Law   
South Carolina Direct Access Law   
South Carolina Referral Law   
South Dakota Access Plan   
Tennessee HMO Referral Law   
Texas Direct Access Law   
Utah Access Plan   
Utah Direct Access Law   
Vermont Direct Access - Ob-Gyn   
Virginia Cancer Referral Law   
Virginia Direct Access - Ob/Gyn   
Virginia Direct Access Law   
Virginia Standing Referral Law   
Washington Access Plan   
Washington Direct Access   
Washington Standing Referral Law   
West Virginia Direct Access   
Wisconsin Direct Access - Ob-Gyn   
Wisconsin Standing Referral   
Wyoming Access Plan   
Non FDA-approved Treatment
Pretreatment Benefit Disclosure
State Medical Necessity Terms
Request for Review by Qualified Reviewer   
Request for Reviewers' Credentials   
Alabama Medical Necessity   
Alabama Request for Clinical Criteria   
Alabama Utilization Review Requirements   
Alaska External Appeal Law   
Alaska Medical Necessity   
Alaska Utilization Review Requirements   
Arizona External Appeal Law   
Arizona Health Insurer Liability   
Arizona Request for Clinical Criteria   
Arizona UR Requirements - emergency   
Arizona Utilization Review Requirements   
Arkansas Experimental Treatment   
Arkansas External Appeal Law   
Arkansas Grievance Law   
Arkansas Medical Necessity   
California Clinical Review Law   
California Experimental Treatment Law   
California Independent Review Law   
California Medical Necessity Definition   
California Request for Clinical Criteria   
California Utilization Review Law   
Colorado Independent Review Law   
Colorado Medical Necessity Law   
Colorado Request for Clinical Criteria   
Colorado Utilization Review Requirements   
Connecticut Experimental Treatment   
Connecticut Grievance Law   
Connecticut Independent Review Law   
Connecticut Utilization Review Requirements   
Delaware Appeal Law   
Delaware Independent Review Law   
Delaware Medical Necessity Definition   
Delaware Request for Clinical Criteria   
Delaware Utilization Review Requirements   
Florida External Appeal Law   
Florida Grievance Law   
Florida Medical Necessity Appeal Law   
Florida Medical Necessity Definition   
Florida Request for Clinical Criteria   
Florida Utilization Review Requirements   
Georgia Health Insurer Liability   
Georgia Independent Review Act   
Georgia Medical Necessity Definition   
Georgia Request for Specialty Review   
Georgia Utilization Review Requirements   
Hawaii External Review Law   
Hawaii Medical Necessity Definition   
Hawaii Utilization Review Law   
Idaho External Review Law   
Idaho Grievance Law   
Idaho Medical Necessity Definition   
Idaho Utilization Review Requirements   
Illinois External Review Law   
Illinois Medical Necessity   
Illinois Medical Necessity Definition   
Illinois Utilization Review Requirements   
Indiana Experimental Treatment Law   
Indiana External Review Law   
Indiana Grievance Law   
Indiana Medical Necessity Law   
Indiana Utilization Review Requirements   
Iowa Experimental Treatment Law   
Iowa External Appeal Law   
Iowa Utilization Review Requirements   
Kansas Grievance Law   
Kansas Independent Review Law   
Kansas Request for Clinical Criteria   
Kansas Request for Specialty Review   
Kansas Utilization Review Requirements   
Kentucky Grievance Law   
Kentucky Independent Review Law   
Kentucky Internal Review Law   
Kentucky Utilization Review Requirements   
Louisiana Health Insurer Liability   
Louisiana Independent Review Law   
Louisiana Medical Review Requirements   
Louisiana Request for Clinical Criteria   
Maine Grievance Law   
Maine Health Insurer Liability   
Maine Independent Review Law   
Maine Medical Necessity Definition   
Maine Utilization Review Requirements   
Maryland Utilization Review Requirements   
Massachusetts External Appeal Law   
Massachusetts Grievance Law   
Massachusetts Medical Necessity Law   
Massachusetts Utilization Review Requirements   
Michigan Grievance Law   
Michigan Independent Review Law   
Michigan Request for Clinical Criteria   
Minnesota External Appeal Law   
Minnesota Medical Necessity Definition   
Minnesota Utilization Review Appeals   
Minnesota Utilization Review Requirements   
Mississippi HMO Grievance Law   
Mississippi Utilization Review Requirements   
Missouri Grievance Law   
Missouri Independent Review Law   
Missouri Request for Clinical Criteria   
Missouri Utilization Review Requirements   
Montana Independent Review Law   
Montana Medical Necessity Law   
Montana Request for Clinical Criteria   
Montana Utilization Review Requirements   
Nebraska Grievance Law   
Nebraska Request for Clinical Criteria   
Nebraska Utilization Review Requirements   
Nevada External Review Law   
Nevada Quality Assurance Law   
New Hampshire External Appeal Law   
New Hampshire Grievance Law   
New Hampshire Request for Clinical Criteria   
New Hampshire Utilization Review Requirements   
New Jersey Independent Appeals   
New Jersey Medical Necessity   
New Jersey Utilization Review Requirements   
New Mexico External Appeal Law   
New Mexico Grievance Law   
New Mexico Patient Protection Act   
New Mexico Utilization Review Requirements   
New York External Appeal Law   
New York Request for Clinical Criteria   
New York Utilization Review Requirements   
North Carolina External Review Law   
North Carolina Grievance Procedures   
North Carolina Managed Care Law   
North Carolina Medical Necessity Definition   
North Carolina Utilization Review   
North Dakota External Review Law   
North Dakota Grievance Procedures   
North Dakota Medical Necessity Definition   
North Dakota Utilization Review Requirements   
Ohio Experimental Treatment Law   
Ohio External Review Law   
Ohio Request for Clinical Criteria   
Ohio Utilization Review Requirements   
Oklahoma External Review Law   
Oklahoma Managed Health Reform   
Oklahoma Medical Necessity Law   
Oregon Decisions Length/Level of Care   
Oregon External Review Law   
Oregon Utilization Review Requirements   
Pennsylvania Independent Review Law   
Pennsylvania Managed Care Grievances   
Pennsylvania Request for Clinical Criteria   
Pennsylvania Utilization Review Requirements   
Request for Clinical Criteria   
Request for External Review Disclosure   
Rhode Island Mental Illness Law   
Rhode Island Request for Clinical Criteria   
South Carolina External Appeal Law   
South Carolina UR Appeal Law   
South Carolina Utilization Review Requirements   
South Dakota Grievance Law   
South Dakota Medical Necessity Definition   
South Dakota Request for Clinical Criteria   
South Dakota Utilization Review Requirements   
Tennessee Independent Review Law   
Tennessee Request for Clinical Criteria   
Tennessee Utilization Review Requirements   
Texas Health Maintenance Organization Act   
Texas Independent Review Law   
Texas Medical Necessity Definition   
Texas Request for Clinical Criteria   
Texas Request for Specialty Review   
Texas Utilization Review Requirements   
Utah Grievance Law   
Utah Medical Necessity Definition   
Vermont External Appeal Law   
Vermont HMO Grievance Law   
Vermont Medical Necessity Definition   
Vermont Utilization Review Requirements   
Virginia Appeal Law   
Virginia Medical Necessity Definition   
Virginia Medical Necessity Law   
Virginia Request for Clinical Criteria   
Virginia Utilization Review Requirements   
Washington Experimental Law   
Washington Grievance Law   
Washington Health Insurer Liability   
Washington Independent Review Law   
Washington Utilization Review Requirements   
West Virginia Grievance Law   
West Virginia Medical Necessity Definition   
West Virginia Utilization Review Requirements   
Wisconsin Experimental Treatment Law   
Wisconsin Independent Review Law   
Wisconsin Request for Clinical Criteria   
Wisconsin Utilization Review Requirements   
Wyoming External Review Law   
Wyoming HMO Complaints   
Wyoming Medical Necessity Law   
Refund/Recoupment Requests
Refund Requests
Specialty Care Appeal Review
Mental/Nervous/Substance Abuse
Mental/Nervous Disorder Medical Record Review
U.S. Mental Parity Act
U.S. Mental Parity Lack of Auth
U.S. Mental Parity UCR
Request for Mental Nervous/SA Peer Review
Request for Clinical Criteria - MentalNervous/SA
Request for Coding Credentials - MentalNervous/SA
Request for Coding Criteria - MentalNervous/SA
Alabama Mental Parity
Alabama Substance Abuse Law
Alaska Mental Parity
Alaska Substance Abuse Law
Arizona Mental/Nervous Law
Arkansas Mental Parity
Arkansas Substance Abuse Law
California Mental/Nervous Law
California Substance Abuse Law
Colorado Mental Parity
Colorado Mental/Nervous Law
Colorado Substance Abuse Law
Connecticut Mental/Nervous Law
Connecticut Substance Abuse Law
Delaware Mental/Nervous Law
Delaware Substance Abuse Law
Florida Mental/Nervous Law
Florida Substance Abuse Law
Georgia Mental/Nervous Law
Hawaii Mental Parity
Illinois Mental Parity
Illinois Substance Abuse Law
Indiana Mental/Nervous Law
Indiana Pervasive Development Law
Indiana Substance Abuse Law
Kansas Mental Parity Law
Kansas Mental/Nervous Law
Kansas Substance Abuse Law
Kentucky Mental/Nervous Law
Kentucky Substance Abuse Law
Louisiana ADD/Hyperactivity Coverage
Louisiana Mental Parity Law
Louisiana Mental/Nervous Law
Louisiana Substance Abuse Law
Maine Mental/Nervous Law
Maine Substance Abuse Law
Maryland Mental/Nervous Law
Maryland Substance Abuse Law
Massachusetts Mental/Nervous Law
Massachusetts Substance Abuse Law
Michigan Substance Abuse Law
Minnesota Mental/Nervous Law
Minnesota Substance Abuse Law
Mississippi Mental/Nervous Law
Mississippi Substance Abuse Law
Missouri Mental/Nervous Law
Missouri Substance Abuse Law
Montana Mental/Nervous Law
Montana Substance Abuse Law
Nebraska Mental/Nervous Law
Nebraska Substance Abuse Law
Nevada Mental Parity Act
Nevada Substance Abuse Law
New Hampshire Mental Parity Act
New Hampshire Mental/Nervous Law
New Hampshire Substance Abuse Law
New Jersey Mental/Nervous Law
New Jersey Substance Abuse Law
New Mexico Mental Parity Act
New Mexico Substance Abuse Law
New York Mental Nervous Law
New York Mental Parity
New York Substance Abuse Law
North Carolina Mastectomy Law
North Carolina Mental/Nervous Law
North Carolina Substance Abuse Law
North Dakota Mental/Nervous Law
North Dakota Substance Abuse Law
Ohio Mental Parity
Ohio Mental/Nervous Law
Ohio Substance Abuse Law
Oklahoma HMO Regulation
Oklahoma Mental Parity Act
Oklahoma Mental/Nervous HMO Law
Oregon Mental Parity
Oregon Substance Abuse Law
Pennsylvania Mental Parity Act
Pennsylvania Substance Abuse Law
Rhode Island Mental/Nervous Law
Rhode Island Substance Abuse Law
South Carolina Mental/Nervous Law
South Carolina Substance Abuse Law
South Dakota Mental Parity
South Dakota Substance Abuse Law
Tennessee Mental/Nervous Law
Tennessee Substance Abuse Law
Texas Mental/Nervous Law
Texas Substance Abuse Law
Utah Mental Parity Act
Utah Substance Abuse Law
Vermont Mental/Nervous Law
Vermont Substance Abuse Law
Virginia Mental/Nervous Law
Virginia Substance Abuse Law
Washington Medical Necessity Definition
Washington Mental Parity
Washington Substance Abuse Law
Washington Substance Abuse Requirements
West Virginia Mental/Nervous Law
West Virginia Substance Abuse Law
Wisconsin Mental/Nervous Law
Wisconsin Substance Abuse Law
Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act
Request for Clinical Criteria - Ob-Gyn
Request for Coding Credentials - Ob-Gyn
Request for Coding Criteria - Ob-Gyn
Request for Ob-Gyn Peer Review
Request for Peer Review - ObGyn Surgery Assistant
Alabama Maternity Statute
Alaska Maternity Statute
Arizona Maternity Statute
Arkansas Maternity Statute
California Maternity Statute
California Pregnancy Complication Law
Colorado Maternity Statute
Colorado Pregnancy Complication Law
Connecticut Maternity Statute
Delaware Maternity Statute
Florida Maternity Statute
Georgia Maternity Statute
Georgia Pregnancy Complication Law
Idaho Maternity Statute
Idaho Pregnancy Complication Law
Illinois Maternity Statute
Indiana Maternity Statute
Iowa Maternity Statute
Kansas Maternity Statute
Kentucky Maternity Statute
Louisiana Maternity Statute
Maine Maternity Statute
Maryland Maternity Statute
Massachusetts Maternity Statute
Minnesota Maternity Statute
Missouri Maternity Statute
Missouri Pregnancy Complication Law
Montana Maternity Statute
Nevada Maternity Statute
Nevada Pregnancy Complication Law
New Hampshire Maternity Statute
New Jersey Maternity Statute
New Jersey Pregnancy Complication Law
New Mexico Maternity Statute
New York Maternity Statute
North Carolina Maternity Statute
North Dakota Maternity Statute
North Dakota Pregnancy Complication Law
Ohio Maternity Statute
Oklahoma Maternity Statute
Oregon Maternity Statute
Pennsylvania Maternity Statute
Rhode Island Maternity Statute
South Carolina Maternity Statute
South Dakota Maternity Statute
Tennessee Maternity Statute
Tennessee Pregnancy Complication Law
Texas Maternity Statute
Utah Maternity Statute
Vermont Maternity Regulation
Vermont Pregnancy Complication Law
Virginia Maternity Statute
Washington Maternity Statute
West Virginia Maternity Statute
Wisconsin Maternity Statute
Observation Level of Care
Pharmaceutical Appeal Letter - Oncology
Request for Clinical Criteria - Oncology
Request for Coding Credentials - Oncology
Request for Coding Criteria - Oncology
Request for Oncology Peer Review
Request for Peer Review - Oncology Surgical Assistant
Alabama Mammography Law
Alabama Mastectomy Law
Alaska Mammography Law
Alaska Mastectomy Law
Arizona Mammography Law
Arizona Mastectomy Law
Arkansas Mammography Law
Arkansas Mastectomy Law
California Clinical Trials
California Mammography Law
California Mastectomy Law
Colorado Mammography Law
Connecticut Clinical Trials
Connecticut Mammography Law
Connecticut Mastectomy Law
Delaware Cancer Screening
Delaware Mammography Law
Delaware Mastectomy Law
District of Columbia Mastectomy Law
ERISA Mastectomy Law
Florida Bone Marrow Law
Florida Mammography Law
Florida Mastectomy Law
Georgia Bone Marrow Law
Georgia Cancer Clinical Trials
Georgia Mammography Law
Georgia Mastectomy Law
Hawaii Mammography Law
Idaho Mammography Law
Illinois Mammography Law
Illinois Mastectomy Law
Illinois Organ Transplant Law
Indiana Mammography Law
Indiana Mastectomy Law
Iowa Breast Reconstruction
Iowa Cancer Clinical Trials
Iowa Mammography Law
Kansas Mammography Law
Kansas Mastectomy Law
Kentucky Bone Marrow Law
Kentucky Mammography Law
Kentucky Mastectomy Law
Louisiana Cancer Clinical Trials
Louisiana Mammography Law
Louisiana Mastectomy Law
Maine Cancer Clinical Trials
Maine Mammography Law
Maine Mastectomy Law
Maryland Cancer Clinical Trials
Maryland Mammography Law
Maryland Mastectomy Law
Maryland Oncology Drug Reimbursement
Massachusetts Bone Marrow Law
Massachusetts Mammography Law
Michigan Mammography Law
Michigan Mastectomy Law
Minnesota Bone Marrow Law
Minnesota Mammography Law
Mississippi Breast Reconstruction
Mississippi Mammography Law
Missouri Bone Marrow Law
Missouri Mammography Law
Missouri Mastectomy Law
Montana Mammography Law
Montana Mastectomy Law
Nebraska Mammography Law
Nebraska Mastectomy Law
Nevada Clinical Trials
Nevada Mammography Law
Nevada Mastectomy Law
New Hampshire Mammography Law
New Hampshire Mastectomy Law
New Jersey Bone Marrow Law
New Jersey Mammography Law
New Jersey Mastectomy Law
New Mexico Mammography Law
New Mexico Mastectomy Law
New York Mammography Law
New York Mastectomy Law
North Carolina Mammography Law
North Carolina Post Mastectomy Care
North Dakota Breast Reconstruction
North Dakota Mammography Law
Ohio Mammography Law
Oklahoma Mammography Law
Oklahoma Mastectomy Law
Oregon Cancer Clinical Trials
Oregon Mammography Law
Oregon Mastectomy Law
Pennsylvania Mammography Law
Pennsylvania Mastectomy Law
Pennsylvania Transplant Donor
Rhode Island Cancer Therapies
Rhode Island Mammography Law
Rhode Island Mastectomy Law
South Carolina Breast Reconstruction
South Carolina Mammography Law
South Carolina Mastectomy Law
South Dakota Mammography Law
Tennessee Bone Marrow Law
Tennessee Mammography Law
Tennessee Mastectomy Law
Texas Breast Reconstruction
Texas Mammography Law
Texas Mastectomy Law
Utah Mastectomy Law
Vermont Cancer Clinical Trials
Vermont Mammography Law
Virginia Bone Marrow Transplants
Virginia Breast Reconstruction Law
Virginia Cancer Clinical Trials
Virginia Mammography Law
Virginia Mastectomy Law
Washington Breast Reconstruction
Washington Mammography Law
Washington Mastectomy Law
West Virginia Mammography Law
West Virginia Mastectomy Law
Wisconsin Cancer Clinical Trials
Wisconsin Mammography Law
Wisconsin Mastectomy Law
Wyoming Cancer Clinical Trials
Wyoming Screening Law
Pharmaceutical Appeal Letter - Pediatric
Assistant Surgeon - Pediatric
Immunizations Level I Appeal
Immunizations Level II Appeal
Implanted Device - Pediatric
Newborn Hearing Screening
Request for Clinical Criteria - Pediatrics
Request for Coding Credentials - Pediatric
Request for Coding Criteria - Pediatric
Request for Pediatric Peer Review
Alabama Newborn Statute
Alaska Newborn Statute
Arizona Newborn Statute
Arkansas Newborn Statute
California Newborn Statute
Colorado Newborn Statute
Connecticut Newborn Statute
Delaware Newborn Statute
Florida Newborn Statute
Georgia Newborn Statute
Hawaii Newborn Statute
Idaho Newborn Statute
Illinois Newborn Statute
Indiana Newborn Statute
Kansas Newborn Statute
Kentucky Newborn Statute
Louisiana Newborn Statute
Maine Newborn Statute
Maryland Newborn Statute
Massachusetts Newborn Statute
Michigan Newborn Statute
Minnesota Newborn Statute
Mississippi Newborn Statute
Missouri Newborn Statute
Montana Newborn Statute
Nebraska Newborn Statute
Nevada Newborn Statute
New Hampshire Newborn Statute
New Jersey Newborn Statute
New Mexico Newborn Statute
New York Newborn Statute
North Carolina Newborn Statute
North Dakota Newborn Statute
Ohio Newborn Statute
Oklahoma Newborn Statute
Oregon Newborn Statute
Pennsylvania Newborn Statute
South Carolina Newborn Statute
South Dakota Newborn Statute
Tennessee Newborn Statute
Texas Newborn Statute
Utah Newborn Statute
Vermont Newborn Statute
Virginia Newborn Statute
Washington Newborn Statute
West Virginia Newborn Statute
Wisconsin Newborn Statute
Wyoming Newborn Statute
Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner
Reproductive Medicine
Stalled Claims
Appeal Response Deadlines
Alabama Response Deadline
Alaska Utilization Review Deadline
Arizona Response Deadline
Arkansas Grievance Review Deadline
California Grievance Review Deadline
Colorado Response Deadline
Connecticut Complaint Law
Connecticut Response Deadline
Delaware Complaint Law
Florida Grievance Review Deadline
Georgia Grievance Review
Hawaii Appeal Review Deadline
Idaho Grievance Review
Illinois Complaint Law
Indiana Grievance Review Deadline
Iowa Complaint Law
Kansas Grievance Review Deadline
Kentucky Appeal Review
Louisiana Grievance Review
Maine Appeal Review Deadline
Maryland Grievance Review Deadline
Massachusetts Grievance Review
Michigan Grievance Review Deadline
Minnesota Complaint Review
Mississippi Grievance Procedures
Missouri Grievance Review Deadline
Montana Complaint Review Deadline
Montana UR Appeal Deadline
Nebraska Grievance Review Deadline
Nevada Complaint Review Deadline
New Hampshire Appeal Review
New Jersey Response Deadline
New Mexico Complaint Review
New York Grievance Review Deadline
North Carolina Grievance Review
Ohio Complaint Review
Oklahoma Grievance Deadine
Oregon Grievance Deadline
Pennsylvania Grievance Deadline
Rhode Island Utilization Review Appeal
South Dakota Grievance Review
Tennessee Grievance Review
Texas Complaint Review
Texas HMO Complaint Review Deadline
URAC Claim Processing Standard
Utah Appeal Review
Vermont Grievance Review Deadline
Virginia Grievance Response Deadline
Washington Complaint Review
West Virginia Grievance Review
Wisconsin Experimental Appeal Response
Wisconsin Grievance Review Deadline
Wyoming Grievance Review Deadline
Assignment of Benefits Statutes
Medical Records Reimbursement
Stalled Claim Followup
State Interest Statutes
State Payment Statutes
Alabama Timely Pay Statute
Alaska Timely Pay Statute
Arizona Timely Pay Statute
Arkansas Timely Pay Statute
California Timely Pay - HMO
California Timely Pay Statute
Colorado Timely Pay - Electronic
Colorado Timely Pay Statute
Connecticut Timely Pay Statute
Delaware Timely Pay Statute
District of Columbia Timely Pay Statute
Florida Timely Pay - HMO
Florida Timely Pay Statute
Georgia Timely Pay Statute
Hawaii Timely Pay Statute
Idaho Timely Pay Statute
Illinois Timely Pay Statute
Indiana Timely Pay - HMO
Indiana Timely Pay Statute
Iowa Timely Pay Statute
Kansas Timely Pay Statute
Kentucky Timely Pay Statute
Louisiana Timely Pay Statute
Maine Timely Pay Statute
Maryland Timely Pay Statute
Massachusetts Timely Pay Statute
Michigan Timely Pay Statute
Minnesota Timely Pay Statute
Mississippi Timely Pay Statute
Missouri Timely Pay Statute
Montana Timely Pay Statute
Nebraska Timely Pay Statute
Nevada Timely Pay Statute
New Hampshire Timely Pay Statute
New Jersey Timely Pay - Electronic
New Jersey Timely Pay Statute
New Mexico Timely Pay Statute
New York Timely Pay Statute
North Carolina Timely Pay Statute
North Dakota Timely Pay Statute
Ohio Timely Pay Statute
Oklahoma Timely Pay Statute
Oregon Timely Pay Statute
Pennsylvania Timely Pay Statute
Rhode Island Timely Pay Statute
South Carolina Timely Pay Statute
South Dakota Timely Pay Statute
Tennessee Timely Pay Statute
Texas HMO Timely Pay Statute
Texas Prescription Benefit Payment
Texas Timely Pay Statute
Utah Timely Pay Statute
Vermont Timely Pay Statute
Virginia Timely Pay Statute
Washington Timely Pay Statute
West Virginia Timely Pay Statute
Wisconsin Timely Pay Statute
Wyoming Timely Pay Statute
Timely Filing Limitation
Notification of Timely Filing
State Law
Arizona Timely Filing Case Law
Arkansas Timely Filing Case Law
California Timely Filing Case Law
California Timely Filing Requirements
Colorado Timely Filing Requirements
Connecticut Timely Filing Case Law
Delaware Timely Filing Case Law
District of Columbia Claim Filing Deadline
Florida Timely Filing Case Law
Florida Timely Filing Requirements
Georgia Timely Filing Requirements
Idaho Timely Filing Case Law
Illinois Timely Filing Statute
Indiana Timely Filing Case Law
Iowa Timely Filing Case Law
Kansas Timely Filing Case Law
Kentucky Timely Filing Case Law
Louisiana Filing Req. - Rural Hospital
Louisiana Timely Filing Case Law
Maine Timely Filing Case Law
Maryland Timely Filing Case Law
Massachusetts Timely Filing Case Law
Michigan Timely Filing Case Law
Michigan Timely Filing Requirements
Minnesota Timely Filing Case Law
Mississippi Timely Filing Case Law
Mississippi Timely Filing Requirements
Missouri Timely Filing Case Law
Missouri Timely Filing Requirements
Montana Timely Filing Case Law
Nebraska Timely Filing Case Law
New Jersey Timely Filing Case Law
New Mexico Timely Filing Case Law
New York Timely Filing Case Law
North Carolina Timely Filing Case Law
North Carolina Timely Filing Requirements
North Dakota Timely Filing Case Law
Ohio Non-Contract Timely Filing Denials
Ohio Timely Filing Requirements
Oklahoma Timely Filing Case Law
Oregon Timely Filing Case Law
Pennsylvania Timely Filing Case Law
Rhode Island Timely Filing Case Law
South Carolina Timely Filing Requirements
South Dakota Filing Requirements
Texas Claim Notification Requirement
Texas HMO Claim Filing Deadline
Texas Timely Filing Case Law
Texas Timely Filing Requirements
Utah Timely Filing Case Law
Vermont Timely Filing Case Law
Virginia Timely Filing Requirements
Washington Timely Filing Case Law
Wisconsin Timely Filing Statute
Wyoming Timely Filing Requirements
Verification of Benefits Appeals
Coverage Lapse
VOB/Authorization/Claims Practices Laws
Alabama VOB Case Law   
Alaska Authorization Law   
Alaska Claim Practices Act   
Arizona VOB Case Law   
California Authorization Law   
Colorado Claims Practices Act   
Colorado VOB Case Law   
Connecticut Claims Practices Act   
Delaware Claims Practices Act   
ERISA Case Law   
Florida Authorization Law   
Florida Claims Practices Act   
Georgia Authorization Law   
Hawaii Claims Practice Act   
Idaho Authorization Law   
Idaho Claims Practices Act   
Illinois Authorization Law   
Illinois VOB Case Law   
Indiana Claims Practices Act   
Iowa Claims Practices Act   
Kansas Authorization Law   
Kansas Claims Practices Act   
Kentucky Authorization Law   
Louisiana Authorization Law   
Louisiana VOB Case Law   
Maine Authorization Law   
Maryland Misrepresentation Law   
Massachusetts Claim Practices Act   
Michigan Misrepresentation Law   
Minnesota Authorization Law   
Mississippi Misrepresentation Law   
Missouri Authorization Law   
Missouri Case Law   
Montana Claims Practices Act   
Nevada Misrepresentation Law   
New Hampshire Notification of Benefits Law   
New Jersey Authorization Law   
New Mexico Authorization Law   
New York Authorization Law   
North Carolina Authorization Law   
North Carolina Claims Practices Act   
North Dakota Misrepresentation Law   
Ohio Authorization Law   
Oklahoma Claims Practices Act   
Oregon Authorization Law   
Pennsylvania Claims Practices Act   
Pennsylvania VOB Case Law   
Rhode Island Claims Practices Act   
South Carolina Claims Practices Act   
South Dakota Authorization Law   
Tennessee Claims Practices Act   
Texas Claims Practices Act   
Texas Verification Law   
Texas VOB Case Law   
Utah Misrepresentation Law   
Vermont Authorization Law   
Virginia Misrepresentation Law   
Washington Authorization Law   
Washington Prescription Statute   
Wisconsin Misrepresentation Law   
Wyoming Claims Practices Act   
Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation
Arkansas Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Arkansas Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Alabama Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Alabama Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Alaska Multiple Treatment Appeal   
Alaska Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Alaska Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Arizona Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Arizona Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
California Chiropractic Visit Limitations   
California Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
California Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Colorado Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Colorado Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Connecticut Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Connecticut Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Delaware Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Delaware Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Florida Chiropractic Visit Limitations   
Florida Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Florida Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Georgia Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Georgia Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Hawaii Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Hawaii Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Iowa Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Iowa Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Idaho Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Idaho Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Illinois Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Illinois Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Indiana Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Indiana Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Kansas Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Kansas Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Kentucky Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Kentucky Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Louisiana Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Louisiana Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Massachusetts Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Massachusetts Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Maryland Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Maryland Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Maine Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Maine Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Michigan Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Michigan Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Minnesota Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Minnesota Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Missouri Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Missouri Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Mississippi Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Mississippi Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
Montana Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Montana Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
North Carolina Chiropractic Visit Limitations   
North Carolina Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
North Carolina Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
North Dakota Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
North Dakota Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Nebraska Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Nebraska Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
New Hampshire Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
New Hampshire Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
New Jersey Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
New Jersey Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
New Mexico Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
New Mexico Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Nevada Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Nevada Workers Comp Prompt Pay   
New York Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
New York Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Ohio Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Ohio Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Oklahoma Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Oklahoma Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Oregon Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Oregon Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Pennsylvania Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Pennsylvania Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Rhode Island Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Rhode Island Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
South Carolina Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
South Carolina Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
South Dakota Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
South Dakota Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Tennessee Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Texas Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Texas Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Texas Workers Comp Treatment Guidelines   
Utah Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Utah Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Virginia Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Virginia Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Vermont Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Vermont Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Washington Workers Comp Dept. Payment   
Washington Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Washington Workers Comp Self-Insured Payment   
Wisconsin Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Wisconsin Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
West Virginia Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
West Virginia Workers Comp Prompt Payment   
Wyoming Workers Comp Payment Inquiry   
Wyoming Workers Comp Prompt Payment