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30+ Video Training Lessons Covering Denial Management

Knowledge is Power so start learning with our top ranked education platform offering guided courses, appeal case studies, downloadable action guides & checklists and so much more.  Courses covering:

  • Providers' Rights, Utilization Review, Prompt Pay
  • Utilization Review, Medical Necessity, ERISA Strategies
  • Incorrect Payments & Deductions, Specialty Care
  • Refund/Recoupments, Medicare Appeals, and Many More

Over 1600 Appeal Letter Templates

We have the most comprehensive and proven-effective database of appeal letters available covering over 100 different topics, including:

  • Basic Level I & II Appeal Letters
  • Benefit Reductions, Medical Necessity
  • Refund/Recoupment Requests
  • Specialty Care Appeal Review, Stalled Claims
  • Timely Filing Limitations, VOB Appeals, and Many More

Attend Live or Watch On-Demand Appeal-Related Webinars

Our live and on-demand webinars are highly engaging with actionable steps, real appeal examples and open Q&A with our founder, Tammy Tipton. CEU Credits Included!  Recent Webinar topics include:

  • 25 Appeal Letters And Using PPACA For Today's Appeals
  • 50 Appeal Letters And How To Use Them Like A Pro
  • 5 Sentences To Improve Your Medical Appeal Letters
  • Gold Medal Appeals
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Thousands of Doctors, Hospitals, Group Practices and Billers Use our Appeal Letters

The product more than paid off. The first one I used had a yield of $19,700. It was a preauthorization issue. I used one of the appeal letters I purchased as the framework for the appeal I constructed. I have won quite a few utilizing the letters this way. They are a wonderful resource.

Mary W.
Cornwall Hospital

I purchased the Power of Appeals software and a 12 month membership Online last year. It has been the greatest thing I ever purchased for the office. I can’t function without it.

Julie L.
Atlanta Urology Associates

I never got a chance to let Tammy know how much the letters helped me in collections. I was able to collect 98,000.00 on JUST ONE clinical trials case from an HMO case because of the ground work your company did.  Your letters really do work! Such a great service and a great assistance to the patients who do not know the ins and outs of the Insurance juggernaut. INVALUABLE TO SAY THE LEAST!

Terri P.
Houston, TX

I just purchased your product and only being on it the very first time and in only 20 minutes, it is blowing my mind with all the information and tools you offer. I have racked my brain in some instances with these carriers and how to play their games. I have appealed, re-appealed, and even gotten suggestions from others on appeals. Your letters are law guided and I know will be more beneficial to us at work. I can't wait to share this new found information.

Debra M.
Start Your Membership Today Overturn more denials, motivate insurers to pay more quickly, and prevent more denials!