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Stop The Spread Of Denied Claims - Denial Prevention Works

A sudden spike in denied medical claims can clog up your entire financial spreadsheet, sending red ink into columns and rows where root causes hide and finger pointing starts.

Just like your doctors often intone in the exam room – an ounce of prevention is (yes, really is) worth a pound of cure. In healthcare claims management, denial prevention minimizes numerous downstream medical billing woes.

When it comes to denial management, your staff needs education not complication.  To alleviate the challenges of denial management training delivery, Appeal Solutions has designed a new website dedicated to denial management training. is the only source of comprehensive denial management training resources available.  Read More. . . . Featured Letters

The website has 4 new letters for endocrinology appeals.

See the topic Specialty Care Appeal Review and the subtopic Endocrinology at for the following new letters:

  1. Request for Coding Criteria - Endocrinology
  2. Request for Coding Credentials - Endocrinology
  3. Request for Clinical Criteria - Endocrinology
  4. Request for Endocrinology Peer Review

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