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Aetna Medical Director Denies Care Without Reading Submitted Medical Records

It is sort of rare to see any kind of “stunning admission” by an insurance giant. But this week’s headline about an Aetna Medical Director who made important decisions on claims without reading the medical records has been met with mounting frustration over lack of quality in payer review.

In the CNN story, Dr. Anne-Marie Irani called the admission incredible. Another physician, Dr. Andrew Murphy, states that the revelation may actually prompt changes to the system.

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The website has letters which cite the URAC standards related to appeal review and peer coversation. The URAC appeal letters are under the collection under Topic: Medical Necessity, Subtopic: Case Management Standards. These letters can be used to request peer conversation or to contest a poor quality peer conversation process:

  1. Appeals Consideration
  2. Lack of Appeal Response
  3. Lack of One Day Response
  4. Lack of Timely Decision
  5. Lack of Written Decision
  6. Peer-to-peer Conversation
  7. Records Request Response
  8. Reversal of Certification Determinations

Be sure and review the letters under Topic: Medical Necessity, Subtopic: State Medical Necessity Terms for additional state regulations applicable to peer review.

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